To the rescue of honeybees

Retired corporate executive passionate about saving bees Marilyn Neal devotes her time and energy rescuing honeybee hives because she thinks there’s a nationwide epidemic that could lead to the honeybee’s extinction. Neal, the owner of Diamond Oaks Bee Farm, provides a bee-rescuing service for the residents of Pilot Point, Aubrey and Tioga. Neal doesn’t charge any money for the service, but she does take donations. In addition to rescuing bees, Neal also leases bees to local homeowners looking for agricultural exemptions on their state taxes. According to Neal, the life of the honeybee is rapidly declining because of several factors. “The biggest problem is pesticides,” Neal said. “As soon

McCutcheon rides onto world stage

Cade McCutcheon doesn’t appear to be nervous as he prepares for a world equestrian competition, but his father says he will be. And his father should know: He has competed on the world stage himself. The younger McCutcheon, an incoming senior at Aubrey High School, will compete for the U.S. in the 2017 for Juniors and Young Riders Aug. 9-12 in Givrins, Switzerland. The 17-year-old will be in the Young Riders competition with three teammates from Kentucky, Missouri and Oklahoma. The alternate on the team is from Florida. “It’s exciting,” Cade said of going to the competition. “It’s the first time the USA has sent a team over there for this, and hopefully, it will be fun. It should be fun. I’m

Straight from the heart

Rick Petersen never did any singing or writing before he cut a song called “They Wear Blue.” He doesn’t even sing in the shower. “Never taken a music lesson in my life,” said Petersen, who lives in Aubrey and is a ranch manager. “I woke up last September in the middle of the night and I went in and wrote this song in 10 minutes.” “They Wear Blue” pays tribute to police officers who died in the line of duty. The song’s CD will be available for donations in local stores next week with proceeds going to families of officers killed while on duty. The song has been pitched to some area radio stations. Around 200 to 300 CDs will be made, with copies going to area officers. “They’re here to help, a

Historic Tioga Clark's Outpost reopens

Dallas barbecue restaurateur Sonny Bryan gave Warren Clark three pieces of advice about going into the restaurant business. “First, don’t open up anywhere near me,” said James Hilliard, quoting Bryan. “Don’t open in a small town. And third, don’t go into the restaurant business.” Clark followed Bryan’s advice on point number one. But Clark went through with his dream of opening a restaurant. And he did it in a small town to boot, opening Clark’s Outpost in Tioga in 1974. Under Clark’s ownership, the restaurant became known throughout the area for its barbecue. Years later, Hilliard — one of Clark’s original employees — took over ownership of the restaurant and continued the tradition. A fire

Park starts to take shape

Courtney Schexnaydre’s coworkers like to visit Pilot Point’s Old City Park to decompress during their lunch hour. Lou Torres likes playing basketball at the park, which also has been a place for children to play for years. After about five-month respite from the park, folks may continue to do those activities when the park reopens early next month. City leaders plan for Old City Park to reopen with a celebration in on Aug. 5. “It’s been in the works since the end of 2015,” said Alice Holloway, city secretary. “It’s been mostly just paperwork. Now, actually seeing it come together, it’s just absolutely amazing. We had so many kids stop by while we were putting it together. There were plenty o

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