Pushing past the threshold

There’s a threshold that a bad team must cross over to become a good team, there’s a final threshold that a good team must pass through to become great. This road is paved with good teams that must be beaten in order for a new program to emerge as a force to be reckoned with. At this point, first year Pilot Point head coach Danny David is working on taking his players over that first threshold. It’s easy to defeat lesser talented teams like Callisburg or Howe, but if the Bearcats want to bring back the glory days of the 80s, perennial giants like Pottsboro have to fall in order for Pilot Point to rise. Against unbeaten Whitesboro last Friday, Pilot Point turned the ball over on two key drive

Twice as Nice

Pilot Point Homecoming queen is a sweetheart As Pilot Point senior Daniella Medina changed back into her band uniform after Friday’s pre-game ceremony at Massey Stadium, a classmate thanked her for her positive attitude, saying it inspired him each time he saw her in the hallway. Moments earlier, Medina had accomplished the rare feat of being crowned as both Homecoming queen and band sweetheart. “It was an honor just to be among the finalists,” Medina said. “After I won, a lot of people came up to me and said they were proud of me, which made me very happy.” Medina is involved in several organizations at the high school. She’s the class president and student council president as well as the

Robot's to the Rescue

Using a remote control, Garrett Tru moved the robot in place to rescue Phil from a burning building. Tru, a junior at Pilot Point High School, and his teammates successfully removed Phil. Tru is a member of the school’s robotics club., led by physics teacher Jim Kreamer. The club is in its first year and will compete in the Crossfire competition at Prosper High School Saturday. Kreamer, who’s spent 23 years in the oil industry as a research physicist and four years as an instructor at Aubrey High School, thought about retiring after teaching in Prosper ISD last year. “I would’ve definitely retired if it were any school other than this one,” Kreamer said. “I’ve got roots here. I’ve got three

Breaking from tradition

Twin sisters Emily and Lauren Tucker are spending their school’s homecoming week breaking away from tradition. They are volunteering as ambassadors of Mumz4Kidz, a non-profit organization that assists low-income families in need. Emily and Lauren are seniors at Aubrey High School, where the hallowed Texas tradition of designing and decorating mums occurs the week of homecoming each year. Instead of spending money toward having the most glamorous mum in town, the sisters wanted to do something different. “I see mums as an activity that focuses on yourself, but we’re shifting the focus to helping others,” Emily Tucker said. According to the Mumz4Kidz website, one of four children in the Dallas

We Survived! Newlyweds ride out Maria

As the roof of their cottage flapped in the wind, Hannah and Derek Humberson desperately tried to combat the rising water — using Tupperware to scoop it into their shower drain. Meanwhile, Hurricane Maria bore down on the Caribbean, leaving a path of devastation. Hannah, formerly Hannah Pelzel of Pilot Point, and Derek, a native of Aubrey, moved to the small island of Dominica less than a month before the category 5 hurricane hit so she could attend medical school there. “The island itself was gorgeous,” Hannah said. “It’s a third world country, so things are different – like we had to get our electricity at the local grocery store and put it on a meter – but we still had a lot of beautiful

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