Leaving a legacy

Tammy Glascock retires from 28 years at PPHS No particular student stands out in Tammy Glascock’s 28 years of teaching agriculture at Pilot Point High School. They all hold strong memories for her. “There’s so many, and I wouldn’t want to name without naming a thousand of them,” Glascock said. “Every kid has accomplished something during their careers as members that made them successful. It might not place with something. have been winning first “To me, success is measured anytime that you can get a student to do something that is out of their comfort zone that they’ve never done before. And when they do that, that’s student success.” Over the years, she said, hundreds of students have done

It's Christmas Ya'll

Foreign exchange students find differences in ways Christmas is celebrated Pilot Point High School students Foix Regull Sabate and Ihan Pasquotto have found several differences between the way they celebrate Christmas in their homelands and the way Americans do. The two foreign exchange students will spend this Yuletide season with families in Pilot Point. Foix is from Catalonia, in the southeast section of Spain. Ihan is from Sau Paulo, Brazil. “First of all, our present day is another day,” Foix said, explaining gift exchange occurs on Three Kings Day, which is Jan. 6. In Spain, people are aware of Santa Claus but “we don’t celebrate him,” said Foix, a sophomore. She said Americans are “cr

Planting a seed

Students planning garden in memory of Vail Johnson Susan Chance has nothing but praise for a project being done in her daughter’s name at Pilot Point Intermediate School. Vail’s Garden is an “awesome” project, Chance said. The garden involves elements important to her daughter’s life, such as learning and nature. “I think it’s going to be something that’ll inspire the kids to learn because it’s a different space; it’s kind of exciting to be able to go outside,” Chance said. The garden will be built in memory of Vail Johnson, 9, a fourth-grader at the school when she died at the beginning of the 2016-17 school year. The project began last spring, said Margie Nisbett, assistant principal. The

Like mother, like daughter

All-American cheerleader follows mother’s example Being an All-American cheerleader runs in Tracy Henson’s family. The Aubrey High School junior varsity cheerleader was named an All-American by the Universal Cheerleaders Association – an accomplishment achieved by her mother, Ashly Hickman Henson. “I was super excited and especially that I got named with one of my good cheer friends, and the fact that my mom was an All-American cheerleader kind of made it even cooler,” Tracy said. Ashly was overjoyed to be able to share the experience with her daughter. “It, of course, brought tears to my eyes,” Ashly said. “I didn’t even know she tried out, honestly. She called me and talked to me about a c

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