Thompson a two-time winner

Mike Thompson received two honors during a Jan. 17 luncheon for the Aubrey 380 Area Chamber of Commerce. Thompson was handed the gavel as the 2018 President of the Chamber, and he was named the chamber’s Person of the Year. “Everything we do is for the community, and to be named Person of the Year is humbling to me,” said Thompson, who runs an insurance agency. Thompson was not the only member to be honored. Lake & Country Living magazine was named the Business of the Year. The magazine’s owner, Sherry Massey, will be the chamber’s 2018 secretary. Chamber members also took the time to name Monaco Elementary music instructor Angie Lee as Teacher of the Month. The Person of the Year award reco

The art of cooking: PPHS culinary arts teams battle for supremacy

The Pound made its mound of food count in Pilot Point High School’s culinary contest Friday afternoon in the school’s cafeteria. A group of three students known as The Pound – Oscar Montoya, a sophomore, and Brent Cassidy and Sergio Meraz, both juniors – competed against four teams of students and won the contest by making a confection that could include pineapple, jicama or cholula. The boys, who all cook at home, made a street-style taco. “We eat food by the pound,” Cassidy said, explaining the nickname The Pound. Each team had a nickname, and students who participated in the contest are in Judy Nelson’s introduction to culinary arts or practicum in culinary arts classes. “They had to choo

Moore faces expensive treatments and reality of life with ALS

Dec. 18, he and his family received the news: He had been diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, commonly known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease. The first symptoms appeared in the vocal cords. Gary Don Moore felt hoarse but didn’t think much of it. After all, he coaches football, and he’s accustomed to yelling at his players at Plano East High School. “I thought I had damaged my vocal cords from yelling because it was hard to talk,” he said. “That was really the only symptom for like a year, but it just gradually got worse instead of better.” And then a few other strange signs happened: loss of strength and weight as well as muscle spasms, for example. “When all those weird things star

Wheeler ‘humbled’ by outpouring of support

Tommy Wheeler fully appreciates the life he’s been living since Sept. 14, the day a horrendous accident on U.S. 377 left him without the bottom half of his left leg. “Frankly, I should have died, but I had a strong will and a positive attitude,” he said. “It’s amazing how far you’ll get with a positive attitude.” What Wheeler, who works at Sturm Welding and coaches youth football, also had was the love of family and friends, each of whom has been there for him these last few months as he’s slowly recovered from the trauma. It’s a rehabilitation that could have Wheeler walking on two legs with the aid of a prosthetic in the near future. Getting to that point might have been just a dream a few

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