Clinging to hope

Barbara Acello doesn't know where she’s going to go when her time staying in Celina runs out. The long-time Pilot Point resident lost her home and basically all of her family's belongings because of a house fire Nov. 29. "The fire was in one end; my bedroom was in the opposite end, and had I been in the house, they would have tried to get me out before anyone else, and we probably would have all died in the fire," Barbara said. Barbara was staying in the Settlers Ridge Care Center at the time of the fire, but her son Jon Acello and her grandson Chris Fowler, who act as her caregivers, were home when the blaze started. "My son went for his clothes and a dog, and my grandson went for the other

Coyotes on the prowl

Coyotes may be depicted as blithering dolts in cartoons and their wailing on the trail was romanticized in “Deep in the Heart of Texas,” but the pesky canines are no laughing matter to property owners or homeowners who have to cope with them. Bob Matthews, owner of All American Dogs, spoke Jan. 12 to the Pilot Point City Council about how people can mitigate coyotes’ harm. As growth continues in the area, including around Lake Lewisville and Ray Roberts Lake, feral hogs are becoming more of a challenge to manage, Matthews said. Coyotes present a different challenge. “We haven’t seen that much more of them because they adapt extraordinarily well to urbanization,” Matthews said. Because of tha

Centenarian shares century of living

The world looked a little different when Bertha Cosby came into it in 1919. After four long years of destruction, World War I had finally come to a close. The U.S. Congress ratified the infamous 18th amendment, women activist groups pressured government officials to grant them the right to vote, and the golden age of jazz was still in its preliminary stages, practically bursting at the seams to take the nation by storm. It was into this whirlwind of forward thinking and change that Cosby was born. The Aubrey resident and recent centenarian celebrated her 100th birthday Jan. 2 with friends and family from across the South. Fox 4 News even broadcast a picture of Cosby and wished her well. “I j

Train comes off track in Aubrey, blocks roadways

Randy Tarlton was startled by an explosive sound outside his home Wednesday morning. “I heard a loud bang – just huge,” said Tarlton. “Then, nothing. And that’s odd.” The oddity turned out to be a train derailment across the street from his home in the 400 block of South Main Street in Aubrey. It happened around 9:30 a.m. near Pecan and Main streets. There were no injuries, but debris and equipment hit a shed on a residential property in Aubrey, said Aubrey police Capt. William Townsend. “That’s the extent of the damage we know thus far,” he said, noting the damage of the railroad property as well. The incessant din of barking dogs, a TV news station helicopter and railroad crossing warning

Families hit trail to start the new year

The new year started off overcast and freezing, with swirling gray clouds and biting winds that whipped noses and numbed fingertips, making teeth chatter in the hazy morning light. “Welcome to the Isle du Bois First Day Hike!” Ranger Rick Torres said, addressing a crowd of bundled-up hikers. “Our resolution is to get outside more, so I’m super excited to have y’all today. Is everyone ready?” People continued to flood into the parking lot as Torres spoke. At the park’s entrance, a line of cars stretched 100 yards back. A massive number of people arrived despite the cold and misty weather, eager to kick off a new year with the annual First Day Hike Challenge. The event is part of a nationwide

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