Bearcats poised for breakout season

The Pilot Point Bearcats are poised for a breakout year according to Dave Campbell’s Texas Football magazine. The Bearcats, led by quarterback Jacob Pitts, are ranked 20th in the state by the magazine’s scribes and are picked to finish second in their district behind No. 6 Brock. Boyd and Whitesboro are also expected to fight for playoff spots in the district. “I usually don’t put too much stock into rankings,” Pilot Point coach Danny David said. “They are good for selling magazines and newspapers, but they really don’t mean anything. It’s sometimes fun to see your team up there, but it’s how you finish the season that means something.” David is excited about the direction his team is headed

Sharing her words

Vail Johnson’s writing lives on in newly published book The cover of the newly published children’s book weaves together an intricately detailed story without a single word. Wrapped front-to-back in a deep and star-studded indigo, the cover art features a bright-eyed little girl with a bubblegum pink superhero cape billowing behind her. She’s captured forever in time, wildly tossing her hands in the air as she rockets through the atmosphere on a shimmering star. The book is called “Vail’s Tales”— it showcases the world according to Vail Johnson, an avid writer and storyteller whose insight brims with sweetness, vivid colors and the reality behind make-believe. She died when she was nine year

Running with the bulls

Performing in front of his hometown fans has always been a dream of Cade Gibson’s. His dream came true on Aug. 3 when Gibson got to fight bulls at the Zimmerer Kubota PBR challenge at the Allen Event Center. In May “Gibby,” as he is known in the arena, claimed the world championship in the inaugural Shorty Gorham’s American Freestyle Bullfighting series for the 2018 season. Since that weekend, the Tioga High School grad has seen his career take off. He was selected to join both the PRCA and PBR circuits as a rookie bullfighter and is also working to defend his crown in the AFB. Gibson currently stands fifth in the AFB world standings, The Allen PBR event was his third event protecting the co

Heat exhaustion a threat as 100-degree days linger

With the heat index registering more than 100 degrees and the area under a heat advisory, residents should be cautious when exerting themselves, local officials say. Three main tips for staying safe in extreme heat are to use short work cycles with rest in between, to maintain hydration and, if heat sickness-related symptoms start cropping up, to get to somewhere cool that is out of the sun. “With the high humidity that we had last week, when you couple that with the triple-digit weather, it just zaps your energy,” Assistant Fire Chief Bryan Cox said. Cox and some of the other members of the Pilot Point Fire Department helped first responders from Sanger transport an elderly man who collapse

Scammer failed to get hooks in this grandma

Evelyn Partridge, 85, imagined her grandson sitting in jail with a broken nose and facing a charge of driving while intoxicated. His lawyer told her he could get him out if she could pay. A Pilot Point resident for the last two years, Partridge later determined she had been targeted for an imposter scam. “It was very traumatic,” she said. The “grandparent scam” involves someone impersonating a victim’s friend or family member in an emergency and asking for money to be sent right away. The Federal Trade Commission tracks reports of family and friend imposter scams. In 2018, losses reached more than $41 million, according to an FTC news release. Partridge received the “grandparent scam” call l

Restaurant’s plans in dry dock for time being

Stephen Halsey opened Powerhouse Burger in Pilot Point last week. The restaurant, located inside the old Texas-New Mexico Power building just north of The Square, is in the city’s historic district. Recently, Halsey was gently teased by members of the city’s Historic Review Board for failing to apply for permission before making changes to the exterior of his building. He has owned the building since 2014 but had never gone through that process before. “There are challenges in owning a business in any municipality,” Halsey said Tuesday. “But the good thing about investing in a small town like Pilot Point is you can walk in and actually talk to decision makers. You are more likely to receive

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