Night of fun brings in $85K

A Pilot Point family has taken an experience of intense grief and turned it into a catalyst for serving others. The Friends of Vail held its fourth annual benefit dinner to raise money for children’s literacy, participation in equestrian events, involvement in sports and children’s ministry in an effort to honor the memory of Vail Johnson, a young girl who died unexpectedly in 2016. “She was such an unusual child,” Vail’s mother, Susan Chance, said. “She was so kind to everybody and she loved to write books.” A major focus of the night was the first installment in what is planned to be a series of books taken from words Vail wrote between 6 and 9 years old, “Vail’s Tales.” “That was her drea

Street work in progress

Activity has started on the street work that was approved in the November 2018 bond election. Seven of the streets will be funded using the $1 million of the $4 million bond issue for street work—Alexander, Copenhavr, Evans, Gould, Dallas, Broad and Fairlane—and an eighth street—Anna—is supposed to be funded using a grant that is being facilitated by GrantWorks. “These were designated as the eight worst streets in Pilot Point,” Capital Projects Manager Matt Kaminski said. Pilot Point Mayor Shea Dane-Patterson also said that. “When we were preparing for the bond, the proposition for the bond, we had the staff document and designate which streets need the most work, and then we mapped all thos

Local girl fights brain cancer

For months, Ariel Porter didn’t know what was wrong. She felt violently ill, like she had the flu, but she just couldn’t shake it from late June through July. “I was just angry, because I was like, ‘What is wrong with me?’” Ariel said. “I couldn’t even be in the light. I couldn’t even have my room light on.” All that the first two doctor’s offices she visited had identified was that she appeared to be anemic. The mystery ended when on Aug. 1 she collapsed because of a seizure. “I just remember sitting up on my bed, and then it just went black,” she said. “It was black, and then I was lying in front of the dog cages, and I saw … a gurney, and then I was in an ambulance.” Ariel had a second se

Staff goes all out for tradition

It’s not every day the kids in Pilot Point High School get to see their teachers and staff members get a bit silly, but Halloween morning was an exception. Multiple Marios and Luigis raced down the hallways of the school that were lined with students taking pictures and joking around with each other. “Students, it’s time,” Southard said over the loud speaker. “If you want to, go ahead and come out into the hallways. Get up against the walls as we don’t want someone running into you because this race may be very vicious.” That was one of the announcements about the fifth Parade of Idiots, during which the staff members don costumes and their silliest moods to parade around the school. For Sou

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