Lynch enters record book

Connor Lynch played 14 games for the Pilot Point Bearcats in 2019, helping his team go four rounds deep into the playoffs. The 6-1, 240-pound senior anchored the Bearcats’ defense at linebacker. He was a force all season, recording 164 tackles. That accomplishment puts Lynch in a special place in Bearcat history. He is now the fourth player behind Bret Renfro (211), Tommy David (178) and Mike Hall (169) with the most tackles by a player in a single season. He even surpassed his coach, Danny David, who had 162 tackles back in the 1982 season. “That’s pretty good,” Lynch said. “Wish we could have played those two other games, that would have probably gotten me a little higher, but overall I’m

Pilot Point Chamber of Commerce presents 2019 awards.

Dwayne Edwards is not usually rendered speechless. However, when he was named the Pilot Point Chamber of Commerce’s person of the year, he seemed to struggle to find the words to explain how he felt. “I wasn’t ready for it,” he said, getting a little choked up. “You just go do your thing. You go love people, and that’s my whole deal. Debbie can tell you; I just love people, I don’t care where they are, who they are, where they come from. That’s the way Jesus loves us.” Edwards came to Pilot Point after he and his wife Debbie lived in California for 22 years to lead the Gracepoint Nazarene Church. “God led us back here to the Church of the Nazarene’s birth,” he said. When Edwards was handed h

PPHS reports successful semester, scores.

Pilot Point High School looks like it’s riding the gravy train with biscuit wheels from the point of view of behind Principal Todd Southard’s desk. “We’ve had the most successful semester since I’ve been here,” he said. “In literally everything.” Southard started at PPHS six years ago and is particularly impressed by this year’s ACT scores, as three of the five areas are the highest they’ve been in five years when he was still new to the school he said. “Volleyball made the playoffs, football went deep, band went deep, cross country boys and girls went to state and we just had two teens in FFA go to state,” he said. “It’s unbelievable. The kids are doing incredibly well.” A few months back,

Trejo rebounds from heart surgery to play role in Bearcats’ run

Omar Trejo’s football career as a kicker began his senior year. He had never played football in his life or any other sport for the Pilot Point Bearcats. The only connection Trejo had with sports was through club soccer but that was outside of UIL athletic competitions. Trejo is your typical shy teenager. He is 5-10”, weighs about 155 pounds and a lot smaller than his teammates. Even he acknowledges he’s “a nervous guy.” “I am usually quiet; … I am the quiet one,” he said. “It’s kind of hard for me to get out there and talk to people and expose myself.” Nonetheless, Trejo wanted to try playing football for the Bearcats. He wanted to be part of the team whether he played a minute or not. He w

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