A hopeful future

Pilot Point woman looks to help grandson When Jonas Lee was five months old, he was diagnosed with progressive infantile scoliosis. Oklahoma resident Jonas is now 12 years old, and he’s facing a new challenge: an expensive new surgery that could correct his 73-degree curvature in his spine that has continued despite his torso casts. “When they told him that he’s no longer a candidate for the other procedure, they said he can get this one, but he’s got to get it within the next three months or it’s going to be too late because his curve is going to get worse and he’s going to grow more,” said Tammy Oveross, Jonas’ maternal grandmother who lives in Pilot Point. “There’s time constraints, which

TISD students return to campus

Tioga schools returned to in-person learning this week, after beginning the first four weeks of the semester with virtual-only instruction. Superintendent Dr. Charles Holloway said a total of 647 students returned to in-school learning Monday morning. One positive COVID-19 test result was received by a middle school student, leading to the quarantine of “about 20 kiddos” who may have come in contact with the student. “That’s been about the only hiccup so far,” Holloway said. “Anytime you have to send a kid back home, that’s not a good situation for anyone. But we said that when we come back [to in-school learning] we want to come back to stay. Things like this are required when you have a po

Chrome, crowd come to square

Chrome Fest draws car aficionados, families Gleaming vehicles and rock-n-roll greeted visitors to the Pilot Point Square on Saturday. The vehicles ranged from an 1887 Serpollet to 2020 models with the dealer tags still in place they were so new. “We make such a big deal about the COVID, which we should, but we say nothing about the suicides, we say nothing about people who are freaking out, lost their jobs, without hope,” said Dwayne Edwards, Chrome Fest organizer and Grace Point Nazarene Church pastor. “This brings hope.” Edwards is friends with Mike Castiglione, who designed the 2006 Dodge Challenger, and Castiglione made the trek out from California to show his designs and talk with the c

Family forever

Pilot Point couple finalizes adoption through Zoom A year and a half after opening their homes to Daymian and Adriel, Matt and Ashley McIlravy got to experience a moment of “a closure and a new beginning” on Aug. 21, Matt said. During an adoption hearing conducted via Zoom, the biological brothers legally became part of the McIlravy family. “Getting ready for adoption day was a little different this year, because we knew it wasn’t going to be in a courtroom where we could have our friends with us and family with us,” Matt said. Loved ones watched as the hearing was streamed on YouTube, which meant the four of them didn’t see the reactions they had. “[Daymian] turned around and gave my wife,

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