College reps make pitches to students at Pilot Point High

Recruiters from over 100 universities, institutions and trade schools flooded Pilot Point High School Tuesday afternoon, beckoning students to come and learn about a multitude of programs with colorful banners, i...

Vail Johnson’s writing lives on in newly published book

The cover of the newly published children’s book weaves together an intricately detailed story without a single word.

Wrapped front-to-back in a deep and star-studded indigo, the cover art features a bright-eyed lit...

Pilot Point woman to serve in Asia in Peace Corps

A young and unconventional altruist is gearing up to leave Pilot Point and fly a world away – off to an exhilarating new adventure in an unfamiliar land. 

To 27-year-old Jessica Nordon, the impending journey is the opport...

One year ago, Mariana Colmenares was forced to flee her home and abandon the country she loved as her family attempted to escape a destructive maelstrom of political turmoil.

Last week, the 19-year-old walked the stage of Denton Bible Church, diploma in hand, a proud gr...

The bittersweet chorus of “Happy Birthday” echoed around Pilot Point Intermediate School on May 15, hanging in the still and quiet air as friends and family gathered to honor Vail Johnson. 

It would have been the Pilot Point student’s 12th birthday.  

Johnson passed away...

The roar of songbirds and cicadas form an inescapable cacophony in the springtime. 

Just under that low and monotonous hum, something else could be heard near Pilot Point’s Central Christian Church on Tuesday: soft and plucky melodies drifting throughout the sanctuary,...

Pilot Point’s Central Christian Church is an impressive sight to see – from a distance.    

The historic structure’s painstakingly crafted architecture is reminiscent of a tapered bell tower, rising powerfully out of swaying foliage. Decades-old stained-glass glist...

Mouse the mini-pony made his grand debut into the world in the wee early hours of March 24, plopping onto the rolling green pasture next to his proud and exhausted mother, Sparkles. 

“He’s a silly little thing,” Mouse’s owner Deanie Deal said. “He runs and bucks, and he...

Stepping through the doorway and into the sanctuary of Aubrey’s First United Methodist Church is like stepping through time. 

Saturated with historical significance and drenched in the overwhelming love of a congregation over 150 years old, the structure celebrated its...

The Garage Door Theater awoke slowly Tuesday night, lighting up a little more each time an actor or actress waltzed through its aptly named doorway. 


Actors arrived in twos and threes, big and loud, carting along personalities as colorful as the chara...

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