One year ago, Mariana Colmenares was forced to flee her home and abandon the country she loved as her family attempted to escape a destructive maelstrom of political turmoil.

Last week, the 19-year-old walked the stage of Denton Bible Church, diploma in hand, a proud gr...

The bittersweet chorus of “Happy Birthday” echoed around Pilot Point Intermediate School on May 15, hanging in the still and quiet air as friends and family gathered to honor Vail Johnson. 

It would have been the Pilot Point student’s 12th birthday.  

Johnson passed away...

When Adam Mendoza took to the track at Mike A. Meyers Stadium in Austin on Friday afternoon, he knew a lot of people were rooting for him. 

Twenty-two members of Mendoza’s family were in the stands, all wearing identical shirts. Family members and his friends back home...

The roar of songbirds and cicadas form an inescapable cacophony in the springtime. 

Just under that low and monotonous hum, something else could be heard near Pilot Point’s Central Christian Church on Tuesday: soft and plucky melodies drifting throughout the sanctuary,...

Last month, a student in the Brockett Elementary cafeteria began choking on a taco shell. His classmate noticed he was in distress and alerted their teacher, Kristie Sanders. 


“I could tell he wasn’t moving air,” Sanders said. “That’s when I imme...

A tornado touched down northeast of Denton as severe weather moved throughout the county Tuesday evening.

Residents in Aubrey and Tioga reported hearing outdoor sirens after the area was placed under a tornado warning, but Pilot Point’s sirens remained silent. 


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