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Where food really comes from

Students at Pilot Point Intermediate School got a lesson Tuesday about where food comes from before it hits the store shelves.

Members of the Farm Bureau of Texas brought out their trailer with displays and demonstrations of farming, livestock and cotton production to explain both the importance of the industry and the process.

Pilot Point High School FFA member Lane Roth organized the event and coordinated with the school and bureau to make it happen.

“FFA is such a good thing to be involved in,” Roth said. “Being heavily involved, I felt it would be a good opportunity for the fourth graders.”

Dan Reed was one of the instructors. He gave a presentation on livestock animals to each of the classes that rotated through during the school day. He explained the differences between dairy cows and beef cows and gave a rundown on the uses of cowhide and leather.

Students then learned about wheat cultivation and watched a demonstration of a cotton gin.

Reed said the Farm Bureau lobbies the Texas Legislature on behalf of farmers and ranchers in the state and conducts educational campaigns to promote agriculture advocacy.

“We just want to get these kiddos to understand where their food and clothes come from,” Reed said. “We want them to know the importance of agriculture in their life.

“They’re eating the food that we’re growing that’s safe and healthy and affordable.”

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