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Fire leaves couple homeless

Kirk Foutch left his Pilot Point home early Monday in his underwear, grabbing his phone before he departed.

A neighbor across the street, Tom Crawford, offered him some clothes to wear. He also called the fire department.

“Neighbor in need – done,” Crawford said about helping Foutch. “That’s all I have to know.”

Foutch’s home at 101 S. College St. burned down, but he and four others in the house – including two children – were able to escape unharmed. Foutch said Monday a couple of dogs were missing, one of which belonged to Foutch and another belonged to his girlfriend’s friend. The girlfriend’s friend is the mother of the two children, both of whom are under 10.

The county fire marshal determined that the fire was accidental with an unknown cause, said Pilot Point Fire Chief Heath Hudson.

The call came in at 5:42 a.m. and the fire was under control just after 7 a.m.

The house was not insured. Foutch said Wednesday he did not know where he and his girlfriend were going to stay long term. For the time being, they are staying at the Four Horsemen Motel in Pilot Point, and the couple has received some food and other items from the American Legion.

“We’re just going to play it day-by-day right now,” he said. “I finally got back my key for my car, so I got my transportation back so at least I’ll get to go back to work next week.”

He works for Smitty’s Floor Covering in Denton. He said his oldest daughter had started a GoFundMe page. He is not sure whether any others exist.

About the car key, he said Monday he couldn’t go anywhere because his car key was in the house, along with his billfold with money and credit cards. He later found his burned-up wallet. The key to his car would not work on Monday.

He said his girlfriend first noticed something was wrong.

“She heard a pop,” Foutch said. “Her friend and her kids were staying the night with us. She thought it was one of them in the kitchen maybe. Then she heard it pop again. She got up and looked and there was already smoke coming down the hall and fire was already going across the living room ceiling when we run out of the house.”

Foutch had lived in the house for about three years. He thinks it might have been an electrical problem because he had no fire going in the fireplace and no heaters were on.

As Foutch answered questions, his phone rang, and he gave some details about the fire to the caller.

“Thank God she woke up or we’d all be dead in there,” he told the caller.

Five fire departments and about 20 personnel were at the scene. Hudson said PPFD crews were at a vacant horse barn fire on Hub Clark Road hours before the Pilot Point house fire. Crews were refilling trucks when they got the call about the College Street blaze. Sanger, Aubrey and Pilot Point all responded from the barn fire, and Denton and Celina fire department assisted at the College Street house fire.

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