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In God We Trust

Brad Armstrong was driving through Pilot Point last Thursday when he remembered that it was the National Day of Prayer. He found what he needed — a place to pray with others — as he came upon The Square.

Armstrong wore a Texas Rangers shirt to the service. Afterward, he laughed when he was asked if he prayed for the struggling team.

“You know, they’re the local team and they our need support, but God’s going to decide who’s going to win,” Armstrong said,

Armstrong joined about 100 people for the noontime service, which featured the presentation and retirement of colors by American Legion Post 550 and music by John Theisen Jr. of Midway Church. Local pastors and others offered prayers for the schools; local, state and federal government, including President Donald Trump; emergency responders; churches; and families. Pilot Point Mayor Shea Dane-Patterson issued a proclamation for the National Day of Prayer, in its 66th annual national observance.

Nick Cain, who lives in Pilot Point, said he attended to honor God, support the community and enjoy the fellowship with others.

“It’s a very good community; it has so much to offer,” Cain said.

Rev. Tom Kennedy of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church read from the Apostle Paul to the Romans and said a prayer for the president. Pastor Roger Greer of Calvary Baptist Church led a prayer for cabinet officials, while John F. Ross, pastor of St. James Baptist Church, prayed for Texas’ U.S. senators and representatives, and U.S. Supreme Court justices. Other clergy offered prayers for the armed services, state government and local government.

“In the Scriptures, you have said that citizens are to obey the government authorities, since you have established those very authorities to promote peace, order and justice,” prayed John White, pastor of the Church of God in Christ who serves on the City Council. “Therefore, I pray for our mayor, councilmen, council women, city manager for the various levels of our city … and in particular for the assembled council.”

Former Pilot Point police Chief Ric Sadler asked for prayers for first responders, firemen and police officers. He also asked for love and comfort for first responders’ loved ones.

“They’re the ones that stand between us and evil,” Sadler said of first responders. “They treat our injuries and illnesses, going where others cannot or will not. They do this unselfishly and without hesitation. Place your shield around and keep them safe as they perform their duties.”

J.W. Morgan, a senior at Pilot Point High School, prayed that teachers have wisdom and knowledge they can instill in their students and that students also learn integrity and morality. He also prayed for parents.

“We pray that teachers and school administrative leaders would respect and understand the great responsibility they have in training the future of our country,” he said. “We pray that our schools will look to You for answers and not be swayed by the norms of the world.”

The Rev. Penny Mitchell, pastor of United Methodist Church in Pilot Point, prayed for families in the community, nation and world, including those who have been disrupted or harmed by addiction, debt, financial difficulty, illness, abuse or violence, or affected by recent natural disasters.

“We pray that parents and grandparents throughout our nation would find strength and guidance through the daunting task of raising physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy children in a culture that paces such high value on the fleeting things of this world,” she said.

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