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Pilot Point steps up to help fellow Texans

Tyler McNairy did his part to help folks in Southeast Texas who are suffering because of the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey.

“I can’t hand out $20,000-$30,000, but I can lend a hand,” he said Tuesday, as he moved donated items around in a truck headed for a charity organization.

McNairy, along with dad Dan McNairy, who owns Dan Equipment, contributed items for relief efforts at trucks parked in front of Nick’s Restaurant in Pilot Point.

Nick Vraniqi, owner of the restaurant, and wife Misty assisted people as they drove by to drop off items for the two trucks. Chandler Cabinets donated one of the trucks for Nick to use to drive goods – such as water, toiletries and dog food, among others – to a charity in Allen.

“It wasn’t an original idea,” Nick said early Tuesday afternoon. “I just saw a bunch people helping, and I was watching the news the other night and I saw those poor old ladies in that nursing home. It was emotional for me – it really was, because I’ve had grandmothers and my mom is getting up there in age. I can’t imagine her going though something like that, ever. So I called a few people, and put it on Facebook this morning and this is what happened in two hours.”

Moments later, Nick helped some folks who dropped items. The Chandler Cabinets truck was nearly full of items.

“You guys are awesome,” he said to a man and woman, as they dropped off dog food, diapers and toiletries. “Thanks so much.”

Nick said he thought it would take until Wednesday to fill the truck, but because of the keen response, he decided to try to make a drop-off on Tuesday at Trusted World, a charity that provides domestic and international assistance, in Allen.

“At first, it just started out that we wanted just a few different things, but we’re open to take whatever is needed down there,” Misty said. “We have over five pallets of water already loaded on these two trucks from today only, but we’re willing to do more than one truck if we need to.”

Billy Longo from First in Firetrucks LLC in Pilot Point planned to drive one of the two trucks on the lot to the Houston area with supplies. Longo, who owns that truck, also planned to take a Coast Guard rescue boat to help stranded people in the distressed areas. He planned to leave late Wednesday night or early Thursday.

“This is going to go right to the people as we pull them out of the water,” he said about the supplies in the truck he planned to drive, mentioning the items he would give to people such as blankets and water. “We’re going to go down there and we’re going to get down in the nitty-gritty.”

Firefighter heads

to South Texas

Pilot Point firefighter Chase Stanford, who has deployed with North Shore Fire Department to South Texas at the request of Texas Interstate Fire Mutual Aid System, said City Manager Alan Guard.

“They will be staffing an engine provided by North Shore and will be assigned an area to provide fire protection,” Guard said. “We will cover his vacancy with overtime which will be reimbursed to us by TIFMAS.”

Guard said Stanford’s Engine company filled in yesterday in League City and provided fire protection for that city until Wednesday morning. As of 11 a.m. Wednesday, they have been given a new assignment and were headed to Harris County to conduct a water search and rescue operation in a neighborhood of 309 homes.

The city is “very pleased” that Pilot Point is able to assist the people of South Texas during this disaster, Guard said.

Donations going

to hurricane zone

Equine Express is collecting items to help people in South and Southeast Texas cope with the effects of the storms.

Mike Alexander, vice president of operations with Equine Express, said Jeff McGee, his brother-in-law, is the senior pastor at Calvary Community Church in Houston. The church is taking donations for food and other essentials. McGee is the son of Joe and Joan McGee of Pilot Point, who own Equine Express.

Alexander said donations may be taken to the Equine Express facility at 10042 FM 1385 in Pilot Point. Company representatives also will aet up a time and visit to the individual to pick up donations. Equine Express can be reached at 1-800-545-9098 and Alexander at 817-247-5643.

“We're also delivering hay and feed for horses,” Alexander said.

A semi truck will be available on Friday if there’s enough to fill it, Alexander said. If not, he has some goosenecks that he can send down this weekend. Items that can be donated include cots, air mattresses, hygiene products, food, baby items like diapers, water, snacks and air mattresses.

Also collecting items this week was Waggin Tail Ranch RV Park, located at 10801 FM 2931, Pilot Point. A second drop-off location is at the Wagon Master RV Park located at 3926 FM 255 in Sanger. The RV parks are collecting items like clothing, baby items, toiletries, non-perishable food and pet foot. For more information or to make an arrangement for a pick-up, call Kelsey Perego at 239-738-3410, or call the office at either RV Park at 940-458-0077.

Church prepares

cleaning kits

Pilot Point First United Methodist Church is making United Methodist Committee on Relief cleaning kits to send to Southeast Texas. The church will purchase the 5-gallon buckets, and for the next two Sundays, the church will be collecting many types of supplies for the cleaning, such as laundry detergent, household cleaner and sponges, according to church member Shannon Slater.

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