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Twice as Nice

Pilot Point Homecoming queen is a sweetheart

As Pilot Point senior Daniella Medina changed back into her band uniform after Friday’s pre-game ceremony at Massey Stadium, a classmate thanked her for her positive attitude, saying it inspired him each time he saw her in the hallway.

Moments earlier, Medina had accomplished the rare feat of being crowned as both Homecoming queen and band sweetheart.

“It was an honor just to be among the finalists,” Medina said. “After I won, a lot of people came up to me and said they were proud of me, which made me very happy.”

Medina is involved in several organizations at the high school. She’s the class president and student council president as well as the drum major for the Pilot Point band.

Also, Medina is a Texas Scholar, FFA chapter officer, FFA district officer and a participant in UIL academics.

Medina said that being able to participate in different activities gives her a unique perspective.

“I’m able to watch people grow out of their shell and truly find themselves,” Medina said. “I’ve been able to be a shoulder to lean on, which I really love to do. I’m a part of these different groups because I also because of the different people I get to meet.” want to succeed, but it’s Medina is known around campus for her positive attitude, which is something that helps her get through each day.

‘A day without smiling or laughing is a day wasted’

“Positivity is something that I hold very dear,” Medina said. “A day without smiling or laughing is a day wasted. We control our happiness, so I try to portray that with my actions every day.” If you choose happiness, happiness will find you, she said.

Pilot Point High School band director Dan Balkema has known Medina since she was in the eighth grade.. Even then, he saw her as a young prodigy. “I could tell that from a very young age, Dani knew what she wanted to do and how to get there,” Balkema said.

“It’s been awesome to watch her grow and progress.” Balkema said that when Medina was in the eighth grade, he saw that she had the qualities necessary for the esteemed position of drum major. “Being a drum major requires leadership, communication skills and loyalty to the band program,” Balkema said. “I could tell she had those qualities the first day I met her.”

Medina said seeing how badly everyone around her strives for excellence is what motivates her to lead. “There’ s something about being a part of a like-minded group where everyone wants to succeed,” Medina said.

“When I see that other people are motivated, I get motivated to want to succeed so we all can be successful.” Medina said her parents have played a big role in her life, providing support and encouragement. “I don’t know where I’d be without them,” Medina said.

“My parents have sacrificed so much for me to do what I’m doing. “I also want to thank Tammy Glascock for being an awesome teacher and person. She’ll see me in the hallway and instantly know what’s going on without me saying a word. My family, teachers and coaches have done so much for me.”

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