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P&Z to consider new plan for development

The Pilot Point Planning & Zoning Commission will meet in a joint session with the City Council Monday to discuss and possibly vote on a revised plan for a 113-acre development planned for U.S. 377N. The joint meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall before a regular council meeting at 6:30.

P&Z rejected the developer's original plan, which included 557 5,000-square-foot lots, on May 7. The P&Z agenda for Monday includes reconsideration of the May 7 vote. The council also is scheduled to hold a public hearing and vote on the plan Monday night.

City officials met with the developer Thursday to discuss possible revisions to the plan. According to a memo by city staff repared for Monday's meetings, the developer's new plan includes a mix of 55- and 65-foot-wide lots and no 50-foot-wide lots. The revised square footage of the lots would be 6,050 and 7,150 square feet. The change would reduce the number of houses from 575 to 432 and the density from 5.1 lots per acre to 3.8 lots per acre, according to the memo. 

Griffin, Brantley & Thomas of Frisco is seeking Planned Development zoning for the tract, located about 1,200 feet north of the intersection of U.S 377 and north Washington Street on the west side of the highway. Planned Development zoning would enable the construction of homes on lots smaller than the city’s standard requirement of 75x100, or 7,500 square feet. The 113 acres is adjacent to the north side of Groff Park and the high school property. 

If the P&Z denies the new plan or takes no action, a supermajority of five members of the council will be required for the proposal to be approved.  

Here is a copy of the memo outlining the new proposal:

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