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Much done, a lot left to do

David likes where athletic program is heading

Danny David returned to his roots, so to speak, a little more than a year ago, when he assumed the athletic director duties at Pilot Point High School.

David, who came over after more than 10 years in Collinsville, was part of two Pilot Point state championship football teams during the early 1980s. Now, as the man overseeing the Bearcat and Lady Cat athletic programs, David has spent 15 months helping Pilot Point return to athletic glory.

The school is off to a good start. During the 2017-18 season, Pilot Point produced playoff teams football, boys basketball, baseball and softball, as well as boys and girls cross country teams that made the state, where the boys took third.

Also, several individuals made regionals or state events in golf, powerlifting and track.

“You can look back and say the season was somewhat a success,” David said. “Your goal is to win a state championship every year. If you’re not striving to be the best, then why do you do what you do?

In that instance, we fell short. My main goal is to turn out good young men and women. I want to try to be the right example.” Developing those young men and women of good character is off to a promising start, David said, although, like building a champion, that’s also is a work in progress.

“Hopefully, we’re headed in that direction,” David said. “We’re a long way from having the process completed, but along the way I feel like if we’re disciplined, are good people, are high character, I think we’ll win along the way. …

It’s hard to come into a new place with a new system and new coach in a new environment. Sometimes, you’ve got to change the culture, and sometimes that isn’t easy. … The kids are respectful to teachers, respectful around town. I think they carry themselves well, and I think they give back to the community.”

Moreover, starting next school year, David wants to encourage increased participation in Pilot Point sports, including football, which he coached to a 3-8 record and a playoff berth in 2017.

Part of the athletic department’s goal, the coach said, is to teach athletes “life lessons,” such as being accountable to teammates and superiors, which they can use once they graduate and pursue a career.

High school also is when most athletes will hang up their shoes or cleats for the last time, at least when it comes to interscholastic competition.

David hopes all the Bearcats and Lady Cats who eventually do that will “cherish” what they’ve accomplished and gone through at Pilot Point. “It’s not the winning as much; it’s the memories, the memories these young men and women are making,” he said. “… If you win a championship, you get a ring.

That ring can be stolen and taken away. You can get other things that can get stolen and taken away, but those memories you make — if you are in good health and sound mind — those memories cannot be taken away. That’s something you can cherish.”

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