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With new season looming, Cats start summer workouts

Logan David lagged behind most of the other camp participants during the Bearcat lap. He vomited as he ran.

The incoming Pilot Point High School freshman left guard joined about 50 other high school athletes this week for the start of Pilot Point Bearcat Summer Pride. The summer strength and conditioning camp runs four days a week through July 26 -. Preseason workouts will begin on Aug. 5.

A way for athletes to train before the start of football season, the camp is also open to Pilot Point Independent School District athletes in other sports.

Coaches Keith Peacock and Robby Perez supervised in the weight room as camp participants performed squats, power cleans, ab exercises and overhead squats with trap bars. Outside, coach Brian Freese supervised speed, conditioning and agility drills.

The coaches divided athletes into four groups of about 12 each and had them rotate through drill stations. Drayden Lawson, a defensive lineman and incoming senior, led his group in the front of the line for drills. He also encouraged others to push through pain and finish strong. At one point during running drills, however, Lawson let slip a complaint.

“Fat boys like me don’t like this running stuff,” he said.

Lawson thinks the football team has a chance to go deep in the playoffs this upcoming season.

“We had a lot of things happen within our community that’s going to help us drive,” he said. “We have a lot of people who want it bad. We just gotta work on the little things.”

Leading by example and staying vocal during workouts is important to Lawson because he wants to inspire underclassmen to continue moving the football program forward.

The team will bring back 10 seniors. A few weeks ago, the coaches helped them organize a draft of players in the program for a summer workout competition. Eight seniors selected players for their teams. At the end of the competition, the team that is most successful with workout attendance will get a party.

Expectations have been set high for the team’s seniors, Peacock said.

“Great teams are led by players; coaches just facilitate,” he said. “We’re putting them into situations to be leaders.”

Logan David, a cousin of head coach Danny David, said he felt tired after his first Summer Pride camp session, but that he also felt better about going out for football this upcoming season. His brother started on the varsity team for the two years he attended Pilot Point High School and has challenged him to earn a spot on the team as a sophomore.

About two dozen incoming middle-schoolers also participated in the Bearcat Summer Pride session.

“We do a lot more teaching,” Peacock said. “We don’t actually let them get fully engaged in the workout until we’re sure on their form and all that stuff, just to prevent injury.”

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