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Residents remember Pilot Point together

Hometown met home movies Friday evening at the Opera House.

Lifelong Pilot Point residents and newcomers filled just about every seat in the stage room in the Opera House to learn about the town’s history by watching something akin to Granny’s home movies as part of Remembering Pilot Point.

About 10 or 12 years ago the late Clifton Irick and Jay Melugin made a video of pictures and some video of Pilot Point’s history, Clifton’s son Steve Irick said.

“Over the last six months, we’ve had several people ask questions about the history of Pilot Point,” he said. “A few of us got together on Facebook and said, ‘Hey, let’s just invite everybody up, bring all of your pictures, your memories, bring your questions if you haven’t lived here and want to learn.’ Our goal here is to get a bunch of people together that either want to learn or want to teach.”

Before filling the stage room of the Opera House to watch a movie, people gathered around old family photobooks, photos and other pieces of history while enjoying refreshments. Someone even rolled up to the event in an antique Ford truck.

As the movie played, there was a small handful who stood in the aisle of the slightly cramped theater to watch.

“I’m not sure how many that theater holds, but it looked like there were about 10 people that didn’t have seats,” Chance Kirby said.

The movie was played in Pilot Point once before at Lowbrow’s and around 75 people attended for its inaugural screening, Irick said.

“So, this is the second time to see the movie,” he said. “But it’s the first time, at least in a long time, that we’ve tried to get people together and do this.”

The movie featuring his dad and Jay Melugin was filmed locally, he said. The audience members were encouraged to ask questions during the movie.

“We’re going to show it and hope that it kind of stirs some questions and answers. Then, we’re going to share information and probably do it again, because we’ve got so many people here.”

There are potential plans to make Remembering Pilot Point a quarterly event, he said. Each one will have a different historical focus of the town, ranging from the church history to the Masons and more.

Going forward, Remembering Pilot Point will focus less on showing videos and more on what people bring in and photos, he said. It will be something like grade-school show-and-tell but for the whole city.

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