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Teachers, families connect during Pilot Point parade

Teachers and staff of Pilot Point Elementary School decked out their cars, trucks and bikes with signs and decorations to drive them all over town on the evening of April 17. The purpose was to let the kids know how much they missed them during the COVID-19 crisis.

The first Elementary Teacher Parade was organized in response to the school closure to COVID-19, Principal Rae Ann Strittmatter said.

“We just wanted to let our students know we’re out here, and we love them and are missing them and do the fun parade to wave at everybody,” she said.

Cubby the Bearcat participated in the parade, riding a dirt bike and wearing a shirt that said “I miss you” while waving to the families to show the kids how much they are missed during the pandemic.

Director of Instructional Technology Valerie Wall and her son Harrison, who’s in first grade, were camped out in the tailgate of her SUV at the Pilot Point Square to see his teacher drive by and support the school, she said.

“We’re sad that we’re not going back,” Wall said. “They just announced that, and we just sent out our official letter today.

“We’re sad for our teachers, we’re sad for our kids, we’re sad for our seniors who are missing out on so many milestones.”

Nicole Haberer, who was hired on as a cafeteria employee at Pilot Point High School this school year, came to the parade to see her son Brayson’s kindergarten teacher in place of his Kinder graduation after not being able to see him finish preschool last year, she said.

“It’s not weird, it’s actually kind of cool to be able to do the stuff with them at home [to] see what they’re learning throughout the school year,” she said. “It’s [also] nice to see what they use technology-wise.”

A combined intermediate and middle school parade is scheduled to start at 5:30 p.m. Friday, starting at Pilot Point High School and weaving through Pilot Point. The route is available on

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