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Protesting in Pilot Point

Area people come to Square to speak out against racism

An otherwise peaceful protest at the Pilot Point Square on June 18 took a turn when a dissenting citizen was arrested on a charge of public intoxication and was found in possession of an air pistol.

A group of between 50-60 protestors arrived at the square, taking turns speaking from a bullhorn and marching around the perimeter of the town’s center.

The people at the gathering were there to protest issues related to racism and police brutality, the third such protest in as many weeks in Pilot Point. Similar gatherings have been organized across the globe since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis while in police custody.

Approximately 30 supporting law enforcement officers were in attendance nearby at city hall as well.

Pilot Point Police Chief Tim Conner said his department received information before the event “with knowledge of the protest, the crowd could be sizeable and may contain agitators whose intentions would be to cause a disturbance within the crowd by inciting violence and property damage.”

Pilot Point PD requested assistance from both Denton County Sheriff’s Department and Texas State Department of Public Safety.

Conner said while the protest itself was peaceful, there were two incidents that PPPD responded to.

“The first incident involved an individual who was determined to be highly intoxicated, causing a verbal disturbance and in possession of an ‘airsoft’ gun concealed in his waistband,” Conner said.

He was arrested for public intoxication and taken to the Denton County Jail for booking.

The second incident dealt with an individual involved in “a heated verbal dispute” with protesters, Conner said.

“He was contacted by officers, investigated, questioned and released to leave the area,” Conner said. “He later returned to the area several hours later to apologize to officers for his language and demeanor before leaving the city to return home.”

No incidents of physical violence or property damage have been reported as of Wednesday. Another protest was expected to be held Thursday evening of this week.

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