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A wealth of knowledge, meet Eva Coleman

A wealth of knowledge, meet Eva Coleman

By Basil Gist

Staff Writer

Heading the district on the communication front, Eva Coleman has had three months at Aubrey ISD.

The new communications and web director for AISD, Coleman is putting a career in communications and media to use for the growing district.

“When people ask me what I do, I say all things media,” Coleman said. “I’ve been doing [that] here in DFW for close to 30 years.”

A graduate from Sam Houston State University with a degree in radio/TV/Film, Coleman bears a hefty list of credentials from having taught at the high school and college levels, time as a radio DJ, and currently acting as the lifestyle and culture editor for three publications.

She works in mediums from written word to photography to video and more.

A wealth of knowledge, meet Eva Coleman

“All of those things in my career have been a culmination, … even when I first dove into this industry and found a love for it, I never felt I needed to choose one medium,” Coleman said. “I was doing multimedia before it was a word.”

A McKinney resident, Coleman made the move to Aubrey from Desoto ISD’s communications department.

“This was an opportunity to come back up north where I live and also be closer to my high school aged daughter,” Coleman said.

Even when out of the office, Coleman envelops herself in pursuits in her field by sitting on a bevy of volunteer boards. Some of which include the Student Television Network and the National Association of Black Journalists, in which she is the director of region three which includes 11 states of chapters.

“Everything I do is media related, but I don’t see it as work; I see it as just being me,” Coleman said.

Though markedly busy, when she finds a moment, Coleman’s preferred pastime is practicing the age-old tradition of doing nothing.

“The very little time I get, a lot of it is spent just sitting in silence and absorbing,” Coleman said. “Just being at peace is very important and is so good for your mental space.”

A wealth of knowledge, meet Eva Coleman

With the spring semester marking her fourth month on the job, Coleman is still settling into her work at AISD.

“I’m still in the exploratory stage where I’m just trying to get to know people,” Coleman said. “I’m seeing they have stories that need to be shared, and … I’m really here to share the stories.”

Looking far into the future, Coleman is interested in nurturing the students of AISD toward being able to tell their own stories as well.

“Long term, I’d love to see a student-based media component rolled into our district level media story,” Coleman said. “They can best tell their story.”

For now, however, she’s telling the stories herself, and taking in a warm welcome from the district.

“It is a beautiful thing to feel the warmth, acceptance and receptiveness to your ideas,” Coleman said. “I’m in that learning phase, but I’m loving what I’m learning about the people here.”


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