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Community libraries plan fall programs

Community libraries plan fall programs

By Basil Gist

Staff Writer

Both local libraries are sporting a full roster of programing to entertain and educate Ranch City residents, from young to old as the summer comes to a close and fall blows in.

In addition to their collection of new or singular events, both libraries are also maintaining their mainstays, like storytimes, game days and movie nights.

“Storytime is a library classic,” Pilot Point Librarian Jenna Glass said. “We have a theme each week, and I pick one or two books; we do a lot of music and movement and other activities. It’s not just reading, it’s a lot more than that.”

In conjunction with the start of school, Glass has also organized a series of supplemental learning STEAM camps for elementary and grade schoolers.

Community libraries plan fall programs

Scheduled classes include a buoyancy lesson and a paint pour art class.

“We’re going to do that once a month at four,” Glass said. “That’s more of an afterschool program.”

Programing isn’t limited to children and families. Through a partnership with AgriLife Extension, and Glass’ own ideas, adults and seniors will have their own selection of programming.

“For this fall, we tried to come up with programs that will hit every age group,” Glass said. “That’s something I hope to bring more of the fun side to our programming, not just the educational stuff.”

One demographic that’s particularly tricky to target for libraries is teens, a problem Glass intends to address with a Teen Advisory Group.

“A lot of public libraries do this, … we’ll meet once a month and the purpose of the group is to plan other programs,” Glass said.

“For us starting out, the goal will just be program planning, but the possibilities are pretty big.”

Coming off their summer reading program, the Aubrey Area Library will be jumping into a similar, but more heavily themed program with the Back to Hogwarts read-a-thon.

“It’s the first year that we’re doing this; [it’s] something that we started thinking about at the end of January,” Aubrey Librarian

Kassandra Gaither said. “It officially starts Sept. 1.”

Community libraries plan fall programs

Hogwarts fans or avid readers can pick up their materials as early as Aug. 20 but can only start earning points on the first of September.

“For every hour that they read, they get one point towards their Hogwarts house,” Gaither said. “This challenge isn’t just for kids,

it’s for all ages that can read all the way up to adults.”

Participants will be split into their Hogwarts house; the house with the highest final point total will win.

“Winning the house cup means that they get their own private party on Oct. 22 at 11 a.m.,” Gaither said. “We’ll have decorations, take a ‘class photo,’ and have Bertie Bott’s Jellybeans and Chocolate frogs. We’re going to watch the first movie and just have a good time being Harry Potter nerds together.”

Gaither has two more unique events planned for the fall, a community Día de los Muertos ofrenda and a homeschool art show.

The first, taking place at the beginning of November, is the start of a series of sorts.

“We are going to be celebrating more cultural holidays moving forward, such as Lunar New Year and Holi, the Hindu festival of colors,” Gaither said. “We want to create diversity at the library; we want everyone to know that no matter their background, they can be themselves at the library.”

Community libraries plan fall programs

The art gallery will be in the community center.

“We’re working with the Aubrey community homeschoolers to put on an art show for kids who don’t have a place to display their art,” Gaither said. “All mediums will be accepted; we’ll find a place for them. We’re going to be giving out prizes for different, unique categories.”

Both librarians explained following them on Facebook, at Pilot Point Community Library and Aubrey Area Library or just popping in on site, are the best ways to keep up with their weekly calendars and upcoming events.

“We post things every day, and at the start of the week, we post what’s going on during that particular week,” Gaither said.

“There’s something for everyone.”

Community libraries plan fall programs


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