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Couple Weds at Ford Dealership

By Abigail Allen

Managing Editor

Couple Weds at Ford Dealership

For Casey and Delia Davis, their fairytale came true on Sunday, all tied up in Stanley Ford blue.

The couple arrived at the dealership in a horse-drawn carriage so they could say “I do” in front of their friends, family and Casey’s work family at the place where their story together began.

“This place has really saved my life,” Casey said. “It helped me turn my life around. It helped me get my life going right. I met her here. It’s just been amazing.”

Casey, who is now a floor/finance manager at the Pilot Point dealership, helped Delia find a vehicle when she came in years before, which blossomed into a romance.

“God had a plan for me when I came here, and his plan is going to be worked out the whole way through our life,” Delia said. “… I wanted a car, and I got a whole husband.”

Couple Weds at Ford Dealership

The couple incorporated three of their four children as well as the coworkers who have become like family into their ceremony, with Andrew Kelly officiating, Acie Jones as best man and Joshua Alderfer providing live music.

Kelly, the sales manager, described getting to officiate as everything.

“He came in working on fences and some odd jobs,” he said of Casey. “… He turned into family.”

Couple Weds at Ford Dealership

Several of Casey’s additional coworkers were there in the crowd to support the couple, including sales associates Rodrigo Gutierrez and Brooke Linkous.

“It’s just a super sweet story, all the way around,” Linkous said. “The way that they met each other and their whole little fairytale is just really, really cute. … I appreciate them including us in their day.”

She also planned to tease Jones because “Acie bawling through the whole thing was very special, too.”

Linkous connected the couple to Robyn Frame, who served as their wedding planner, who helped make sure the details were taken care of.

Couple Weds at Ford Dealership

The Stanley Ford staff also jumped into action after the dealership closed on Saturday, including Kathy Barker.

Michael Baine, the general manager of the Pilot Point dealership, and Stanley Ford Chief Operations Officer Chris Koster joined in the celebrations on Sunday, as well.

Baine was grateful Casey thought “of this place in that way.”

“This has shaped Casey’s life,” he said. “It’s really been a nice journey with him. I’ve worked with him now for about two years; he’s all about this place and all about helping people.”

Chris and his wife, Amy Koster, saw Casey’s work ethic and potential when he worked on their fence, Chris said, which resulted in the job offer that brought Casey and Delia together.

“I’m glad to see him doing so well,” he said, adding that he’s “very proud of him.”

Couple Weds at Ford Dealership

Casey’s repeat customers Ray and Janet Dane attended the wedding, too, because he’s become like family to them.

“He was a quick study and a good boy,” Ray said.

Their grandson, Jacob Dane, works at Stanley Ford, too.

Irie said she’s happy to see her mom so happy.

After the pictures were taken, the couple made their way back into the showroom.

Couple Weds at Ford Dealership

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present to you for the very first time, Mr. and Mrs. Davis,” was announced as they walked into the reception.

They danced to “Beautiful Crazy” by Luke Combs before dinner was served.

The couple is looking forward to their future together, and they’re grateful for the people who support them.

“This place has been really good to him, and us now,” Delia said.

Couple Weds at Ford Dealership


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