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Library Summer Programs

By Tatiana Ambrosio

Contributing Writer

The Pilot Point Area Library and the Aubrey Area Library have added new staff and programming in 2022 as both are still getting back to pre-Covid-19 restriction activity. Both libraries began their summer programs on Wednesday as they join the Collaborative Summer Library Program’s summer theme: Oceans of Possibilities.

Pilot Point’s new librarian is Jenna Glass. She joined the library after two and half years working at the Garland Central Library. She is a graduate from the University of North Texas and still lives in Denton.

“Yeah, so that was one reason why— working here is a lot easier,” Glass said laughing about the change in her commute.

Glass has her Master’s in Library Science making her have the official title of librarian after having worked in libraries in other positions.

“I kind of starting working in libraries randomly. I started shelving books as second job,” she said. She originally thought of the job as a good way to make extra money while obtaining her bachelor's degree. She said she did like to read and once she finished her degree she decided that she wanted to become a librarian.

In her new position, Glass is responsible for all the programming of the library. “My favorite aspect is planning all of the programs,” Glass said.

When she started working in Garland during the pandemic much of her programming had to be altered for availability on Zoom or outdoor participation. She is looking forward to seeing the full calendar and in-person participation that her programs offer to the community.

Pilot Point’s summer reading log program started on Wednesday. Readers will log hours and at the end of the program, participant names will be drawn for prizes.

Other summer programming is being offered for all ages. Glass says she is most looking forward to seeing the children and teen programs.

Wacky Wednesdays will include performers, musicians, science shows and even a Creature Teacher. Turtles presented by Science with Attitude will be the first Wack Wednesday offering on June 8.

Teens are invited to art classes and cooking classes.

Glass said one of her objectives in her new position will be marketing all that the library does to the community through social media and other avenues.

“I really want make sure that everyone in the community knows what we’re doing and that we have a plan for each season and events for all ages,” she said, while pointing out that they are all free to attend.

The Aubrey Area Library saw new faces join their staff in January and February.

Janelle McCabe is the new Circulation Librarian while Brittany Mclain is the new Library Manager. Kassandra Gaither is the the new Public Services Manager and is in charge of the libraries programming.

“We started and we just kind of hit the ground running,” Gaither said of the new staff’s experiences so far.

Mclain was an intelligence specialist in the Marine Corp before graduating with her bachelor’s degree in English. She will be

pursuing her Master’s in Library Science while she is working.

Gaither studied speech language pathology and child development. She feels that was a natural transition for handling children’s library programming.

“It was a very easy transition into me being like a children’s librarian,” she said.

While she does the programming for the children she also does the programming for the seniors.

“My bulk [of focus] is with the children,” she said.

The library’s summer reading log program started on Wednesday and children can pick up their reading log at any time.

The official summer kick-off luau will happen June 8.

“It’s for people of all ages,” Gaither said.

The event will have an ocean water drink, games and even a steel drum band.

Other programming during the summer will include story times, senior fit, crafternoons and bubble parties for children ages zero through five.

They will also have a magic show, mad science show and a student photo art show.

A new sensory storytime is being added for children on the autism spectrum and with special needs.

“We want to have something specifically for them where it’s slowed down a bit. It’s more calm and more interactive,” Gaither said.

Another new program will be starting. It is a middle school book club that will be happening at the same time as the adult book club.

Gaither said the hope is that parents and children will have the opportunity to enjoy their respecitve book clubs while the others at the same time to simplify planning for those families.

Gaither was also enthusiastic to share that the library will be having a month long Harry Potter event in September.


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