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Peacock submits resignation to PPISD

Peacock submits resignation to PPISD

By Abigail Allen


The resignation submitted by Kyle Peacock as head football coach and athletic director for Pilot Point ISD launched a landslide of community comments and district response.

Peacock, who declined to comment otherwise, said "this resignation comes after several months of turmoil within our community and administration," in his letter dated May 10.

"I am now aware that my career, after [one] season and 17 short months, is at stake," he wrote. "I am aware that there have been meetings dating back to November between Administration and community members regarding the community's thoughts if I am terminated at the conclusion of the 2023 football season."

Peacock submits resignation to PPISD

He additionally cited being "placed on a 'probationary contract starting 2023 for no reason other than it's 'admin policy.'"

"I have been told who I need to hire by administration for coaching jobs as well as told who I don't need to be using to promote our athletes and our programs," Peacock wrote. "After everything I have sacrificed for this community and school district in the previous [six] years, I feel that this is as clear of a message to me and my family that we are no longer wanted or needed by the school district."

Part of the personal conflict for him, Peacock said in his letter, is that he has loved returning to his hometown to become the leader of the athletic department.

"Me and my wife have sacrificed so much of our family time to try and make Pilot Point the best place it can be," he said. "This is no easy decision for me or my entire family, who has resided here since 1978."

After attempting to get Peacock to rescind his resignation, Superintendent Todd Southard sent a letter to the community.

In it, he said, "at no point was Coach Peacock asked to resign or forced to leave the District."

Peacock submits resignation to PPISD

"We were committed to Coach Peacock serving as the AD and Head Football Coach for the 2023-2024 school year," Southard said. "This morning I met with Coach Peacock and asked him to reconsider once again. He declined my offer."

Southard's letter also responded to "contract status," "personnel decisions," "meetings with community members" and "promotion of the athletic program."

Peacock served as head coach for the 2022 football season. The team had a 3-8 record overall, went 2-4 in district play and made a first round playoff appearance, falling to Jim Ned in the Bi-District championship 41-0.

During the process of trying to retain Peacock, Southard wrote, “against the advice of our attorneys and against standard practice, offered him a two-year term contract.”

Peacock did not accept the offer and will leave PPISD as a result of the resignation.

Peacock submits resignation to PPISD

In regard to hiring, Southard wrote that Peacock “was given the leeway to move forward with one applicant whom administration

voiced concerns about,” but not another, and that he was told to “name a particular coach the head girls track coach for next season based on this individual’s history of success, familiarity with the athletes and positive receptionthat would be given

by both the girls and their parents.”

Southard also wrote that he and Peacock disagreed about whether to hire a girls’ coordinator.

In the letter, Southard added that he had “not had any individual meetings with "community members” about Peacock’s future and that “all staff members receive coaching and support from administration on how to improve outcomes and programs, but that information is confidential and no single employee can be discussed.”

In person on Monday, Southard also said he was aware of other administrators meeting with community members regarding Peacock.

“I do know that Jacob Williams and Michelle Price had conversations with community members, but it was not about—it was how to help Kyle, is what it was,” Southard said. “They had talked to Coach [G.A.] Moore. They had talked to Danny David. They had

talked to a number of people about things that … they could do to assist Kyle.”

Peacock submits resignation to PPISD

He called Peacock a hard worker.

As of Monday, no additional, related resignations had been submitted, Southard said.

Peacock’s position was posted on May 11 to start the process of securing a new athletic director, and Southard said 25-30 applicants had applied by Monday.

“We would like to get someone named by the [June 14] board meeting,” Southard said.

Southard said he’s concerned about the impact this could have on the immediate future of the athletic department.

“I don’t think anybody really wants to leave,” Southard said. “So, I haven’t heard there’s a mass exodus or anything

like that.”

He also stood by the need for a girls’ coordinator, which he wants the input of the athletic director to select,

Southard said.

Peacock submits resignation to PPISD

“I don’t think … it sends a good message to the girls’ side if you don’t have a coordinator, especially after

you’ve had one for years,” Southard said. “I don’t want the girls’ side to ever think it doesn’t matter and it’s not


Regarding the community meetings, G.A. Moore said he discussed what it takes to win the UIL Lone Star Cup with board members Renee Polk and Kevin Ware in November, but that he did not recall anyone discussing anything negative regarding Peacock.

He added that he has not had any further discussions with any school officials or administrators since then.

Regarding the Peacock family, Moore said, “I know those people and I love them.”

Peacock submits resignation to PPISD

“They’ve meant so much to me as a person, not just in the school business.”

He was coach to Kyle and his brother, Keith Peacock, and he hired both of them to coach with him.

“They are such a great family, and they love Pilot Point,” he said. “I don’t know enough about the whole situation to make a comment right now.”

There was a special school board meeting called for 5 p.m. Thursday afternoon at the Pilot Point ISD Administration Building after press time with “discussion and deliberation” regarding the athletic director and superintendent included on the closed session agenda.


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