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Pilot Point Booster Club brings in $51K through fundraiser

Pilot Point Booster Club brings in $51K through fundraiser

By Abigail Allen

Managing Editor

The Pilot Point Booster Club’s dinner and auction was the night of firsts and lasts.

Billy Ray “B.R.” Pedigo, who has served as auctioneer for the event for decades, sold his final item behind the podium during the auction Saturday and was thanked for his service to the Pilot Point ISD students over the years.

Starting at $400, Pedigo called his way into selling the item for $3,200. “Thank you,” he said to loud applause. “Thank y’all very much.”

Pedigo was followed by Chad Chance and then Michael Sanders, who both spotted throughout the evening.

“This man right here is going to carry this right on,” Pedigo said. “Chad Chance, come up here, buddy. … I was fortunate, y’all are fortunate to have him.”

Pilot Point Booster Club brings in $51K through fundraiser

Pedigo again got a robust round of applause, and a hug from Stacy Kuhn, as he stepped away.

Chance called him a legend before calling his first item.

The team of three auctioneers and the other volunteers, thanks to donations from the community and businesses throughout the Dallas Fort Worth Area brought in a total of more than $51,000, around $14,000 more than last year, to help benefit the Bearcat athletic program.

“That’s what Pilot Point is all about, is the way they come out and support these kids,” Danny David said. “A lot of this stuff went for a lot more than it’s worth, but it’s how we can fund our programs and give back. They do an awesome job. That’s what’s so special about this place.”

In addition to students from the high school and middle school athletic programs, a gaggle of coaches’ children filtered through the Pilot Point Middle School gym, which served as the location for the event.

The bass fishing team was also acknowledged at the event, and the coaches’ children also got to be recognized in the stands along with the middle school and high school athletes.

Pilot Point Booster Club brings in $51K through fundraiser

They weren’t the only Bearcats recognized.

“We have the oldest Bearcat here—1946,” club Secretary Mindi Storey- Johnson said, announcing J.W. Scott’s graduation year and asking him to stand for the group.

The crowd clapped for him before he again took his seat.

Following the introduction to the teams, the evening’s biggest fundraising component, the live auction, kicked off with Pedigo calling the live auction.

In addition to the live and silent auction items, the club sold raffle tickets for various items, including two large coolers, a Clark’s pie and additional prizes from area businesses.

Pilot Point Booster Club brings in $51K through fundraiser

As is the tradition, the athletes served their family and community members who came through the line to eat the food prepared by community members, including members of the Peacock and Stuckly families.

The varsity cheerleaders also went up front and helped display the live auction items.

Those items included things like a stadium package with blankets and stadium seats, a trip to a cabin at Broken Bow, a large cast iron grill and a picnic table.

There were also intangible items, like being a Bearcat for a day.

“There were a lot of new faces, people I didn’t know supporting the program,” club President Eric Johnson said. “We know Pilot Point is growing. … We’re going to have to have that support. I thought this was the best Booster Club auction I’ve ever been to.”

He credited the other board members, club members and PPISD staff who worked to prepare for the event.

Pilot Point Booster Club brings in $51K through fundraiser

“They worked on this thing for about two months, and their work paid off,” Eric said. “I’ve said this a bunch tonight; this was Plan B to come here, but Plan B was better than Plan A in my opinion.

His daughter, senior athlete Ronnie Johnson, said she was grateful for the community support.

“Everyone is willing to participate, and help and support, and I think that’s what it’s all about,” she said. “Just helping and supporting the community.”


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