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Pilot Point hosts Oktoberfest in Celina area

By Basil Gist

Staff Writer

Pilot Point hosts Oktoberfest in Celina area

Pilot Point Neighborhood Events kicked off fall with Pilot Point’s first Oktoberfest on Saturday.

The community focused nonprofit, with Monica David at the head, hosted an event that spanned the entirety of the square and featured events such as dachshund races, stein hoisting and lederhosen judging as well as festival staples like food, vendors and live music.

“The city was actually founded by Germans, so we felt we needed to honor that,” David said. “We have Fishers doing all the German food, and … Lowbrows is our beer supplier and 30% of their proceeds are going back to Shepherd’s Storehouse.”

County Judge Andy Eads joined the community to tap the first keg and kick off the event. The organization opted against a full-sized keg and a wooden mallet, so the judge joined Chamber of Commerce President Jimerson Adkins in instead pouring himself the first beer of the day.

Pilot Point hosts Oktoberfest in Celina area

“I want to congratulate the wonderful people who took it on themselves to plan this event and make it happen,” Eads said. “We have a lot to celebrate here in Pilot Point.”

Both Pilot Point Mayor Elisa Beasley and City Manager Britt Lusk got in on the fun with a shift at the dunk tank.

“It’s a great opportunity to get out, enjoy this festival and participate,” Lusk said. “Anytime we bring people to the Square and get new people to Pilot Point, it’s an awesome time.”

The mayor commented further, saying events like Oktoberfest are exactly the sort she hopes to continue to see on the Square.

“This is what we want: life on the Square,” Beasley said. “You can tell a lot of people are from out of town because they’re driving around like they don’t know where they’re at and that’s what we want. We want people to come enjoy and do life with us then mosey on.”

Pilot Point hosts Oktoberfest in Celina area

She said the council is approaching a conclusion on the question of how to allow outside organizations to fully use the Square.

“It looks like the council is going to move forward with putting together a Request for Proposal where organizations or groups that want to have events on the Square can submit and then the city can pick and choose what we want,” Beasley said.

“It will allow us to choose which events best serve our community.”

Pilot Point resident Austin Reed was among those who attended with participation in mind. He and his dachshund, Finn, were shooting for the gold.

“I love this kind of stuff,” Reed said. “I know Celina always has big events, and I’m always happy when we can do the same.”


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