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Pilot Point, new interim Chief Charles Kimble

Pilot Point, new interim Chief Charles Kimble

By Abigail Allen

Editor & Publisher

       Charles “Chuck” Kimble will step into the role as interim police chief for Pilot Point during the week of May 20.

       Kimble, who has 32 years of law enforcement experience and is a U.S. Army veteran, plans to provide stability to the department during his tenure as interim.

       “I’ve already had a talk with a few of the people on staff at the police department,” he said. “I think that given my background and the way I do business is going to fit in perfectly with the police department. I’m going to bring a little stability. I’m going to bring my years of experience on large, mid-sized and smaller agencies.”

       Kimble, who works with Strategic Government Resources, applied for the position because he wants to “help transform the police department and help deal with the growth that’s going on in the community.”

       Kimble served as the police chief in Killeen, Texas, from 2017 to early 2023, which saw a reduction in violent crime during his tenure there.

       That’s where he and his wife “fell in love with Texas,” Kimble said.

Pilot Point, new interim Chief Charles Kimble

       Since retiring from Killeen, Kimble has worked for SGR and served as the interim chief for other departments, including Jarrell, Texas.

       Prior to serving in Killeen, he was chief of police for Spring Lake, North Carolina, in 2017, and associate vice chancellor for police and public safety at Fayetteville State University from 2015-17.

       He plans to prioritize connecting with the community in an effort to help residents trust that the department is in good hands.

       “It all works with community engagement,” Kimble said. “Your community wants to know that they have a competent, professional and I think the key word here is progressive law enforcement agency that is using modern police policies and practices to keep the city safe.”

       City Manager Britt Lusk said his interest in engaging with the community and building trust “is really what we needed here.”

       Kimble has experienced growth in his previous roles, especially in Killeen, so that’s a big focus of his as well.

       “You have to prepare now for the growth that’s going to happen five years from now,” he said.

       Lusk said he believes Kimble will be able to help the department prepare for the future, which is a focus Kimble wants to prioritize.

       “My goal and mission for having him here as the interim is to take a deep dive into what we’re doing here and make this department a successful department and get us going in the right direction to become an accredited agency,” Lusk said.

Pilot Point, new interim Chief Charles Kimble

       He wants Kimble to help identify key characteristics that would be beneficial to the department in the next permanent chief.

       The chief position was vacated by Rex Marks on May 1.

       According to the release and covenant not to sue agreed to between Marks and the city of Pilot Point, the city paid out $10,394.65, which was the value of the sick leave he had accrued.

       The contract with SGR for Kimble’s employment as interim is for $85 per hour for full-time work.

       There isn’t a timeline yet for finding a permanent chief.

       “We have [Kimble] until we don’t need him any longer,” Lusk said. “We’re just going to see how we progress.”


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