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Pilot Point new Police Station decor

Pilot Point new Police Station decor

Women works to help police

The Pilot Point Police Department is getting a little help outfitting the new police station, so it is an inviting and welcoming place.

Carrie Millett of Patriot Property Group is asking local business owners and other community members to provide artwork and furniture for the new police station to help make it a reflection of the Pilot Point community.

"[The plan] kind of morphed and changed into asking the community for help and then the vision kind of changed," she said.

"Yes, Pilot Point is ranch country, and the horses are cool, but what about getting pictures from old downtown, historical Pilot Point and do the now and then and represent the community."

Pilot Point new Police Station decor

PPPD Officer Joseph Santos said he is immeasurably grateful to Millett for the work that she and her family have been doing.

"Even when Carrie decorated just the [entry], especially before Christmas, it was cool to come in the front door because there's something," he said.

Santos, who has been a student resource officer and is in the process of transitioning into working with the community at large on community partnerships, said he wants the community members to know the building belongs to them.

He likened the public to the landlord and the officers to the tenants.

"This is the building for Pilot Point," Santos said. "Pilot Point paid for this; the taxpayers paid for it. They're invested in this. … We're here to represent them."

Pilot Point new Police Station decor

He feels the support of the community when he goes out, he added.

Working with the public to have Community Watch programs that are guided by the officers is one of the ways Santos wants to support them in return.

Millett is working on finding pieces, and accompanying sponsors, to help furnish the station in a way that reflects well on the officers who constitute the department as well as on the community itself.

One of the spaces Millett is particularly interested in outfitting is the community room, where members of the public will be able to get training from the officers about certain topics, such as self-defense.

Pilot Point new Police Station decor

"It became, we've got a community room," Millett said. "Why not have things that the community can share and that the community can be part of?"

Millett and Santos were both feeling a time crunch when the ribbon cutting and accompanying open house were scheduled for Friday evening, but a rash of illnesses at the city forced the city and the Pilot Point Chamber of Commerce to reschedule the event. The new date has not yet been set.

To provide rustic or Pilot Point-specific items to the department, contact the Pilot Point Police Department at 940-686-2969.


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