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Police chase in Denton County through the Ranch Cities

Police chase in Denton County through the Ranch Cities

A man was released from the Denton County Jail on $395,000 bond following a multi-jurisdiction police chase Saturday night.

Brandon Allen Pruett, 39 of Sanger, was spotted by the Krugerville Police Department, which initiated the chase.

"Nobody got hurt; the guy was arrested," KVPD Chief James Edland said. "It worked out, best case scenario, short of the guy stopping and giving himself up at the time."

A neighbor had reported being harassed by Pruett repeatedly, and KVPD arrived to check on another harassment call. When the license plate number was entered into the system, "this plate was not valid," according to the report.

Police chase in Denton County through the Ranch Cities

The white truck reportedly pulled away as the KVPD officer drove up; the officer caught up with the truck.

When the officer's lights switched on, Pruett allegedly turned onto U.S. 377 instead of stopping, the police said.

That led to a nearly hour-long chase.

"During this vehicle pursuit, the driver displayed a complete disregard for the civilian motorists that he endangered," the report reads. "The driver traveled at excessive speeds, with some being nearly 70MPH over the posted speed limit. The driver drove around the railroad crossbars at an active train crossing, when he became blocked in by a train on Rockhill Road."

The Krugerville PD officer followed the man until his vehicle overheated. At that point, a Pilot Point officer took the lead.

"If it hadn't been for the other agencies, the guy wouldn't have gone to jail that night," Edland said. "He'd have gotten away, so that was very appreciated. Not surprising, of course, because everybody around here helps everybody out all the time. That's just the way we all work together."

Police chase in Denton County through the Ranch Cities

Some of the agencies that helped find the man, who was considered armed and dangerous, included the State Park Police and the Texas Department of Public Safety.

DPS provided a helicopter to search the field between Friendship Road and Joe Allen Road where the man was reportedly found.

"He was laying down in a field, and it's pitch-black outside," Edland said. "It's country. It's not like you have street lights or anything. They made it so much easier and safer for us to find him … especially because he was known to be armed."

After being arrested, he was taken to Medical City Denton to be evaluated after he said he had chest pain and numbness in his hands, according to the report.

Police chase in Denton County through the Ranch Cities

No officers were hurt in the chase, but property was.

"One of the Pilot Point cars had damage to it, but there were no people that we injured during the chase," Edland said. "There's property damage, because he ran through a lot of fences."

Pruett faces four charges based on the Saturday incident—evading arrest and detention with a vehicle, driving while license invalid with previous conviction/suspension or without financial responsibility, possession of a controlled substance penalty group 1 and unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon—and had four active warrants at the time of his arrest.

"We'll be filing more charges against him once we get everything figured out, like value and how many people had damage to their fences and property," Edland said.

Police chase in Denton County through the Ranch Cities


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