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PPISD names a new AD, Chase Adams

PPISD names a new AD, Chase Adams

By Abigail Allen


Chase Adams will lead the Pilot Point Bearcats on the sideline starting this fall.

Hired by the district in the spring as an assistant coach, Adams applied for the athletic director and head football coach role when former Athletic Director Kyle Peacock resigned.

"It's time to get to work," he said while getting to know members of the community.

Chase served as offensive coordinator at Frisco Independence High School before coming to Pilot Point ISD, and he has experience coaching soccer, baseball, powerlifting and basketball in addition to football.

PPISD names a new AD, Chase Adams

"I've been an offensive coordinator for six years," he said. "… I was at Independence for three years, Brownwood for two and Farmersville for one."

He has also served as the recruiting coordinator and the community relations coordinator prior to coming to Pilot Point.

Chase and his wife, Kristina Adams, moved to Pilot Point with their three young daughters, Maddie, Lilly and Remi, two years ago, so they were already motivated to be part of the community.

"We love the area," Chase said. "We love the tradition of the athletic program and excited to be a part of that."

Kristina is excited for the opportunity their family has to stay in the community they chose to raise their family.

"No big moves this year," she said with a smile. "We've done that before."

While talking to a Pilot Point ISD parent, Chase said he understood the tradition, too, of athletes being involved in many activities across the board.

PPISD names a new AD, Chase Adams

"I'm definitely all for multiple kids doing multiple things," Chase said.

Chase's initiative is what clinched the job for him, Superintendent Todd Southard said.

"He came in and interviewed with us last week, and he had a good interview, but what got our attention was the next day he called me and said, 'Give me the job. Let me get it right. I need to get going now,'" Southard said.

Of the 53 candidates, the district considered time spent as either an athletic director or coordinator and proximity to Pilot Point to find the right fit, Southard said.

The panel that selected the new athletic director was comprised of Southard, Deputy Superintendent Dr. Harold Colson, Executive Director of Administrative Services Thance Springer and Pilot Point High School Principal Jason Crow.

The fact that Chase was already on staff and already living in Pilot Point were also contributing factors in his being hired, in addition to the work he has done for several years as part of good programs, Southard said.

"I'm glad we got someone who is here and lives in the community, someone who's already invested," he said. "I think that speaks to someone who will stay here a little bit longer and help get the program going in the right direction."

PPISD names a new AD, Chase Adams

Southard is also confident Chase will be enthusiastic as he interacts with the kids, motivating them to be engaged in athletics.

One other challenge Chase will face is hiring to fill the existing vacancies and staffing up to ensure there are coaches in every position.

"He has a tremendous challenge ahead of him with staffing and everything else that comes with moving into a new position and doing it so late," Southard said.

In addition to Peacock, four other members of the boys’ athletics coaching staff have left Pilot Point—Travis Marsh, Nathan Alling, Chad Price and Beau Burruss.

Whether other coaches will choose to leave is undetermined at this time.

"He could have to hire as many as six new coaches," Southard said, adding that Chase has already spoken to the coaches about keeping them on staff.

PPISD names a new AD, Chase Adams

Chase was interviewing options for offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator on Wednesday.

Chase's contract is a one-year probationary contract for $90,000.

He was extended the job offer June 2 in advance of the Monday board meeting, pending board approval, Southard said.

Chase, who will answer to Crow, will also be involved in the selection of the girls' coordinator. That position will answer to the athletic director. That structure is the same as it has been in the past, Southard said.

School board President Renee Polk said "it's exciting to have a fresh face with a fresh start," about Pilot Point's new athletic director.

The only member of the public who spoke at the meeting Monday was Nathan Brown, who talked about the work he has done to look into the public concerns regarding allegations of retaliation at the district level.

PPISD names a new AD, Chase Adams

He and his wife, Shannon Brown, had contacted Peacock, multiple board members, Southard and other members of the Pilot Point ISD community to try to find answers.

"We're Bearcats, right?" Brown said. "We all bleed orange, and we firmly believe that as we press forward that the community can press forward, and that we can work together and we can be positive and we can collaborate. And as we do that, we would just encourage the board to continue to be proactive as much as possible."

In addition to approving Chase's contract, the board accepted the resignations of nine personnel members—Melanie Bostic, transportation; Peacock, AD; Laresa Anderson, resource inclusion teacher; Rhonda Box, pre-K teacher; Peyton McClendon, middle school science teacher; Cody Scoggins, maintenance worker; Price, high school economics teacher and coach; J.J. Allen, kindergarten teacher; and Susan Roth, pre-K teacher.


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