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Winery on Pilot Point Square

Winery on Pilot Point Square
Laurie Trevizo and Roberto Trevizo of Bella Mia

How do a love of geology and passion for Texas agriculture correlate to beautiful wine?

The husband-and-wife duo at Bella Mia Winery found the answer self-evident and hope to be just a few months away from letting residents of Pilot Point be among the first to judge.

“We’re science nerds and that was a huge draw: the science that goes into a really good bottle of wine,” Roberto Trevizo said. “Without geology, you don’t have wine.”

The pair, Laurie and Roberto Trevizo, are coming up on their 25th year of marriage and have two daughters’ together, whose names make up the brand’s label.

Winery on Pilot Point Square

“Isabella is our oldest daughter, and Mia is our youngest,” Laurie said. “So, Bella Mia translates to ‘My Beautiful’ in Spanish.”

To further sport their backgrounds, Bella Mia labels feature a geological print alongside all the numbers and facts mandated by the TABC, the science of the wine.

“We wanted to pay homage to that part of us, and when we get the tasting room open, you’ll see those themes come into play,” Laurie said. “We put [the numbers] up front and center because we want to demystify all of that.”

Leading with the facts stems from the Trevizo’s desire to make good wine feel more accessible, starting from the moment one walks through the tasting room door.

“We’re average people; we’re not snooty or snobbish,” Roberto said. “When you come in, we want to make people feel welcomed and not out of place. We want to educate; our belief is ‘wine is for everybody.’”

Future home of Bella Mia Winery’s tasting room

Laurie and Roberto have opted to utilize grapes exclusively from the Texas High Plains and East Texas.

“There is huge growth in the winery sector, and there is a stigma with Texas wines,” Roberto said. “We want to share that there are really good, amazing wines that can be made and grown here with Texas grapes.”

Having begun the work in 2018, Bella Mia is a new label, one that will begin in Pilot Point.

“This is our forever home; we’re choosing to raise our girls here and be part of the community,” Laurie said.

Roberto explained that the pair are excited to join the community now especially, with the projected growth on the horizon.

“That was part of the draw, is to be able to come in at the ground level and be a part of the culture that’s coming our way,” Roberto said. “We’re really excited to be a part of what's coming and be able to contribute to what we think is going to be a good foundation to an amazing downtown culture.”

Winery on Pilot Point Square

The tasting room will sit at 111 S. Jefferson St..

“The renovations are delayed; what we wanted and what’s actually going to happen are two different things, but mid-summer is when we’d like to open,” Roberto said.

One can learn more about Bella Mia on Facebook or Instagram and their website, is set to go live the first week of June.

In their desire to make wine and the culture surrounding wine accessible, Laurie and Roberto are looking to not only sell but teach at their location.


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