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Aubrey ISD hosts Chappy Holiday Fair

Aubrey ISD hosts Chappy Holiday Fair

By Abigail Allen


       A collection of vendors turned out to Aubrey High School for the third annual Chappy Holiday Craft Fair.

       This year, the proceeds benefit the band, for which Aubrey Band Boosters President Sandra Marti was grateful.

       “Most of the money we get is through donations and fundraisers, so it is very important for the band program to receive as much as they can from the community and not only that, but also be a part of the community functions and representing what Aubrey is.”

       Having vendors turn out and community members support the kids meant so much, she said, as did having the other booster club parents’ assistance.

       “Whenever you have a good team within your own parent volunteers, it makes it easier.”

       For Amy Reynolds, a former band parent, it was a great way to share the holiday goodies her family has for a good cause.

       “We came to support the band,” she said without hesitation.

Aubrey ISD hosts Chappy Holiday Fair

       Ange Hernandez with Mr. Wally’s Pickles was glad to come out.

       “It’s a delight,” she said. “We’re happy to be a part of the community. I enjoy it. We do a lot of markets, and I like to do them.

I always feel like it’s nice if it’s raising money for some kind of program or something for the schools.”

       Another vendor, Deleana Bailey, brought her handmade resin products that included necklaces, earrings, keychains and coasters.

       The owner of FriscoDesignsStudio, she learned about the market through her full-time job at Fit Physical Therapy, which is part of the Aubrey Chamber of Commerce.

       “We heard that they were looking for last minute people for the craft thing, and ... PT isn’t really crafty, but what I do is, so I will go on behalf and if it comes up that someone was looking for PT randomly at a craft show, I will offer it, so that would be our way in,” Bailey said. “So, I got in at the last second, and I’m so glad because that means I can share all of this with you guys.”

       Renae Leyba, who teaches resource math and used to be a vendor at the market herself, found more than she expected.

       “I didn’t realize I was coming in for so much, but it’s super cute stuff,” she said while holding her bags of market goodies.

       As part of the school community and as a local resident, she wanted to do her part.

       “I want to come support the school and the groups that are on campus and raising funds,” Leyba said. “You always find fun stuff for yourself or for gifts.”


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