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Pilot Point explosion injures 3

Pilot Point explosion injures 3

By Basil Gist

Staff Writer

       An explosion at a residence along FM 455 on Saturday left resulted in three men being burned.

        Because the incident took place outside city limits, the investigation regarding the event is under the jurisdiction of the Denton County Fire Marshals Office.

       “When I left there Saturday, their plan was to be back out [Monday] to conclude their investigation,” PPFD Chief Bryan Cox said. “I cannot speak to the cause while they’re doing the investigation.”

       Speculation online included the possibility of a gas leak, propane tank rupture, lightning strike or drug related explosion.

       “Could it be a gas leak, it could have been, could it be a combination of a lightning strike with a gas leak, it could have been,” Cox said. “Right now, until those guys come back and give us what they determined, I don’t know what to tell you on that one.”

Pilot Point explosion injures 3

       As of press time on Wednesday, the county marshals had not concluded their investigation.

       During the event, due to heavy rain and wind, the three victims, who suffered from burns to varying degree, the department said, had to be transported via landbound ambulance, as CareFlite was unavailable.

       The department received mutual aid from Aubrey, Sanger and Denton fire departments to assist with patient transport.


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