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Providence Village town manager, secretary get raises

Providence Village town manager, secretary get raises

By Abigail Allen

Editor & Publisher

       Providence Village Town Manager Brian Roberson and Town Secretary Hilary McConnell both received a 4% raise at the Feb. 6 council meeting.

       The council expressed appreciation for the work Roberson does on behalf of the town.

       “We are, as a council, very pleased with the work that you have done in the last year and all the projects you have taken on,” Mayor Pro Tem Kelly Nelson said. “You make our job up here easier, and the information you provide us is [valuable] and we’re pleased to work with you on a regular basis.”

       Mayor Linda Inman expanded on those comments.

Providence Village town manager, secretary get raises

       “You are definitely an asset to us and the residents of Providence Village and the current and future growth of our community,” Inman said. “We truly appreciate you.”

       Roberson’s raise brings his salary to $147,754.88.

       Of McConnell, who moved up into the role, the council was also complimentary.

       “As a council, we have noticed the growth in your development in your position,” Nelson said. “We’re excited that you’ve taken the job head on and have done all the training that we’ve asked for and that you have already set up for the year. … We can’t wait to see what happens in the next year.”

       Inman followed that by saying, “100% agree.”

       “We do appreciate the effort you put towards [the job],” Inman said. “It’s been fun watching you grow into the position you’re in and in more of a leadership-supervisory role, and I think you’re excelling in that.”

       With the raise, McConnell’s salary will be $72,134.40 annually.

Providence Village town manager, secretary get raises

       During the meeting, the council voted to approve a master service agreement with Kimley-Horn, subject to legal review, so the firm can begin work on a waterline relocation project.

       Another proposed project, the pedestrian bridge that would be a joint project with the Economic Development Corporation, was not approved by the EDC because it could not make quorum to meet.

       The council also called an election for the May 4 general election, as required by state law, and it approved a change in the ordinance regarding traffic control devices to standardize everything throughout the neighborhoods in town.

       Also at the meeting, Brandon Shelby of Shelby Law in Sherman spoke during the public comment section, advocating for his client who is requesting a grading permit and development agreement for a property on Brewer Road, which was the subject of an executive session agenda item.

       Ted Lewis, who lives outside of the north border of Providence Village, also spoke at the meeting to volunteer his church for community service work.


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