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PPPD, DPS work together on four arrests

PPPD, DPS work together on four arrests

By Abigail Allen


The Pilot Point Police Department and Texas Department of Public Safety worked together on June 21 to make four arrests on drug-related warrants.

The four men—Gabriel Ismael Sanchez of Little Elm, Justin Michael Nelson of Pilot Point, Milton Savage Jr. of Denton and Henry Merchant of Collinsville—were arrested through a combination of address checks and traffic stops.

"Checks of addresses and traffic stops conducted yielded 4 physical arrests, the seizure of 3 firearms and more than 83 grams of crystal meth," according to a press release from the department.

PPPD, DPS work together on four arrests

Sanchez faces a first degree felony charge of manufacture or deliver or possess with intent to deliver penalty group 1 drugs, with bond set at $50,000.

Nelson's charges are possession of controlled substance penalty group 1, with bond at $3,500, violation of emergency protective order, with bond at $1,000, and unlawful carrying of weapon, with $1,000 bond.

Savage faces a pardon and parole board warrant.

PPPD, DPS work together on four arrests

Merchant has MTR/MPAG-DWI, with $5,000 bond.

“Last week’s efforts demonstrated the power of collaboration and teamwork existing between local and state law enforcement, designed to make our communities safer," Pilot Point PD Chief Rex Marks said in the release. "If criminal mis-conduct continues, so then must these relationships. The city of Pilot Point is appreciative of the great work accomplished thus far.”


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